Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garlic Flavoured egg fried rice

Garlic is a sulphurous compound and in general a stronger tasting clove has more sulphur content and hence more potential medicinal value.Garlic makes a wonderful health supplement for many people  so-called "garlic cure".Here is fried rice using garlic.


Boiled rice 3 cups

Eggs 3

Garlic 2 pods

Pepper 1 spoon

Mixed veggies 1 cup

Venigar 1 spoon

Aginamoto.tasting salt 1 spoon

Sugar 1 spoon

Soy sauce 1 spoon.

green chilli 1

salt to taste.


1.Boil the vegtables until they are half cooked.

2.Beat the eggs by  adding little pepper and salt.

3.In a vessel add this egg mixture and fry  it for 5 mins,

4.Fry unitl it  comes out as burji.

5.Make a coarse paste of garlic,pepper,salt  and chilli.

6.In a seperate vessel heat olive oil/sesame oil and added boiled vegetables.

7.Fry the veggies for 5 mins

8.Add the garlic pepper paste,soysauce, venigar,ajinamoto,sugar and fry for more 4 mins

9.Add rice ,prepared egg buriji and let it fry  for some time.

10.Keep high flame and mix well.

11.Adjust salt
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