Friday, September 16, 2011

Qubani Ka Meeta

Qubani (Apricots) ka meetha is a very popular Hyderabadi/Deccani Sweet dish which has been brought to India by the Mughal emperors. In Qubani Ka Meetha, Qubani a urdu word stands for Apricots in english and Meeta stands for sweet. Qubani Ka Meeta is a rich, creamy sweet.. Apricots are golden colored fruits with full of beta-carotenes, vitamin C and Vitamin A. Qubani ka meeta plays a very vital role in Hyderabadi Cuisine and is mainly served after spicy meal in weddings or parties.Its good for digestion..Apricots resemble dates and are less sweet than dates. Apricots become soft upon heating and can be easily mashed with hands.


Dry apricots 1 lb(450 gms).

Sugar 1 lb to 1+1/4 lb(depends on ur taste).

Badam/Apricot kernels  for garnish.

Elachi powder



1. In a vessel take apricots,pour water until apricots immerse.

2. Boil them until they become soft and mushy.

3. Let it cool and  remove the seeds from the apricots and set aside.

4. Using a strainer, strain out  apricot mixute. 

5. To this soft juicy puree ,add sugar and let it boil for  15 mins, until it becomes thick.

6.. It should  become slightly thick, should not become more thicker.

7.Add elachi powder.

8. In the meantime, break open the kernels from the seeds and soak them in lukewarm water to peel off the skin.

9. Finely slice the kernels and set aside(looks like small almonds),if not can use almonds.

10. Serve in a bowl with Kulfi and garnish with  Apricot kernels/almonds.