Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jamun with Sweet Potato

Jamun with Sweet Potato..Got this Recipe from my sister long time back...but tried now..

Sweet with less ingredients..


Sweet Potato 5 to 6(BOiled).

Maida 1 cup(varies depending upon sweet potato).

Oil/Ghee for deep frying

Sugar 1 1/2 cups

Water 3 cups

Elachi 3


1.Peel the Boiled Sweet potatoes and Mash them.

2.Add Maida to the Sweet Potato paste (Add maida until u can roll the dough as balls).

3.Heat the balls in oil/ghee and let them turn golden brown colour.

4.Prepare sugar syrup until half thread consistency.

5.Add Elachi to sugar syrup.

6.As these jamuns are little hard compared to regular jamuns..let these jamuns cook in sugar syrup for 5 mins

7.serve them hot.