Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mysore Bajji/Bonda and Mint-Corinder-Cocnut Chutney with First Participation certificate

An Easy and Yummy snack 'Mysore Bajji/Bonda which I  Prefer with Mint-Coriander-Cococnut chutney. 


Maida/all purpose flour  1 1/2 cups

curd  1 cup

Ginger small piece(chopped)

Jeera 1 spoon

Green chilllies 2(chopped)

Baking soda  a pinch

Salt to taste

Oil for deep fry.

Process :

1.Mix Maida and curd without water and soak it overnight

2.In the morning ,heat a spoon of oil and add jeera.

3.Add the oil along with jeera to maida batter.

4.Add green chillies,ginger,salt,baking soda,salt and enough water.

5.Heat oil for deep fry and drop this maida batter as balls.

6.Heat in medium flamre  until  they become golden brown.

7.They will increase in size as we used baking soda

7.Serve with coconut chutney/Mint-Coriander-cocnut chutney..which i prefer.

Mint-Coriender-Cocnut chuntney.

This goes well with idlis,dosas,mysore bajji's


Mint 1 cup

Coriander 1 cup

Grated fresh cocnut 2 cups

Roasted channadal 2 spoons

Salt to taste

Green chillies 3

Cumin seeds 1 spoon

For Seasoning :

Mustard seeds 1 sp

Urad dal 1 spoon

Jeera 1 spoon

Hing a pinch

Curry leaves 5 to 6

Process :

1.Heat 1 spoon oil and fry mint along with coriander  until it slightly chnages it colour.

2.Remove from fire and let it cool down.

3.Add cocnut,jeera,roasted chennadal,salt,green chillies,fried mint and coriender and gring them.

4.Adjust the salt.

5.In a pan heat 1 spoon oil and add all the seasoning ingredients.

6..Add this  seasoning .to  chutney

Wanted to share  that i got my FIRST Particapiation Certification from akila...

thanks a bunch akila


  1. Mysore bonda looks soo prefect and droolworthy chutney..

  2. Ooo..that platter is so tempting..yum yum!!

    US Masala

  3. Hi Suneetha,

    nice chutney....lovely presentation!!!

    congrats on your award!!


  4. Wow bonda and coconut chutney looks yummy and tempting!!

  5. wow those cute looking mysore bondas looks so perfect the platter