Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chum chum

Chum Chum... Traditional Bengali sweet..


Milk 5 cups

Lemon juice 3 tbsps

 Water  2 1/2 cups

Sugar  1 cup

Pinch of Elachi Powder

 Sooji  3 tbsps

red colour(optional) half pinch

Grapes/grated coconut for garnish.

Condensed milk 2 spoons


1.Take a heavy bottomed vessel and boil milk. Once its boiled, add the lemon juice and the milk will curdle. Turn off flame.

2.Strain the curdled milk and take the panner into a light cotton cloth. Gather the four corners of the cloth and twist it gently and rinse under cold water.Tie the ends and hang it at a height . Leave aside for 30 mts.

3.Remove the paneer onto a wide plate.Leave some panner for stuffing pupose later. Now knead it gently till there is no trace of moisture .Add half pinch of red colour(optional)sooji to this paneer

4.Prepare the sugar syrup. Place a pressure cooker on the stove and add water and sugar and allow the sugar to dissolve.. Add a pinch of Elachi powder.

5.Make oval shaped balls from the paneer without cracks on the balls. Slowly add the balls to the boiling sugar syrup. Place lid and pressure cook upto 1 whistle .

6 Turn off heat. The balls will double in size.

7.These are the rasgullas.For chum chum they should be bit hard.

8.Just turn on the heat and let it cook for 10 mins more(dont use whistle ).

9.Turn off the heat.let them cool.

10. Take the remaining/left out paneer and mix it with sugar powder.

11.Take one chum chum ,place the panner stuffing on it and then place other chum chum of it on the top of it.sprinkle condensed milk on the top of chum chum

12. Granish with Grapes /grated coconot.

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  1. omg suneetha u made them so perfectly ...those chum chums r my favorite ...u rock dear


  2. wow, what a wonderful Bengali mithai. I so miss those, lovely pic, very tempting :)

  3. Ohh!! chum chum looks soooooo perfect..these r my hubby's all time fav..good one dear!!

  4. Lovely recipe with lovely pic dear

  5. I am drooling seeing the delicious chumchum. Very nicely prepared and looks mouth watering.