Thursday, August 5, 2010


Rasgulla..famous sweet in Westbengal...My First recipe and Dedicating to my Sister in Law Radhika and Best Pal Sailu ...Both are Expecting...


4 cups of milk

3 tbsps lemon juice

2 1/2 cups water

1 cup sugar

pinch of Elachi Powder

3 tbsps of Sooji

1 Take a heavy bottomed vessel and boil milk. Once its boiled, add the lemon juice and the milk will curdle. Turn off flame.

2 Strain the curdled milk and add the chenna into a light cotton cloth. Gather the four corners of the cloth and twist it gently and rinse under cold water.Tie the ends and hang it at a height . Leave aside for 30 mts.

3 Remove the chenna onto a wide plate. Now knead it gently till there is no trace of moisture .Add sooji to this Chenna

4 Prepare the sugar syrup. Place a pressure cooker on the stove and add water and sugar and allow the sugar to dissolve.. Add a pinch of Elachi powder.

5.Make small balls of the chenna without cracks on the balls. Slowly add the balls to the boiling sugar syrup. Place lid and pressure cook upto 1 whistle .

6 Turn off heat. The balls will double in size . Serve them hot or chilled.

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