Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunnundalu/Urad Dal Ladoo.


Sunnundalu...Traditional Sweet from Andhra..

This is a Nourishing sweet and made for special Occasions.

Igredients(To make 10 to 12):

Urad Dal  2 cups

Sugar powder/Jaggery  1 cup

Elachi Powder a Pinch

Dry coconut powder 1/3 cup

Butter/Ghee 1 cup(Can Increase Accordingly).


1.Dry roast urad dal on low flame.

2.It will take more time..

3.After they become light brown in colour, Remove from heat.

4Grind Urad Dal along with sugar/Jaggery.

5.Add Elachi Powder along with  dry coconut powder  to Urad dal powder

6.Remove  The Mixture into a  Vessel...Heat Butter or Ghee

7.Mix ghee and Powdered  Dal Mixure. Make them into Ladoos.

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  1. welcome to the world of blogging,This ladoos are New to me, but gonna try this,!!!